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Fire & Safety Services is proud to introduce the use of Carwell corrosion applications to protect your investment.  Fire & Safety Services has recently introduced a program to help retard the effects of the elements on your fire department investment by providing a FREE initial Carwell T32 application on all NEW apparatus being delivered.

In addition, this service can be offered to any existing apparatus at a very cost-effective price. Call us for details!


About Carwell T-32 Corrosion control:

Carwell products are a unique blend of rust inhibitors that guard against rust and corrosion, regardless of the type of metal.  It eliminates the moisture containing salt, dirt and other materials from the metal.  Unlike some other products which just acts as a coating over the existing surfaces, Carwell is a penetrating oil that not only coats, but penetrates between metal surfaces and into crevices and adds an extra barrier by creating a molecular bond with the metal and creates a long term protective coating.

Even if some rusting exists, Carwell will penetrate behind the rust to the good metal and form its protective coating there, inhibiting the continuation of pre-existing corrosion.

Like all anti-corrosion products, Carwell, in order to be optimally effective, requires annual application to maintain its effectiveness.

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